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Daily Rockstar Finance Routine

Each morning before I get ready for work, I grab a cup of coffee, an exercise band and my phone. I have a simple exercise routine that allows me to read through the Rockstar Finance’s Today’s Features of the day. It has become a daily Rockstar Finance routine.

Where It Started

Last winter my foot started to hurt fairly consistently when I would go out running. So, I stopped running and took the entire month of December off. I tried running again in January but still had pain.

I figured I had a stress fracture because I had one years earlier in the same foot. However, after numerous doctor visits and an x-ray, it turned out that I didn’t have a stress fracture, I had weak hips. Oddly enough my weak hips caused my foot pain.

The last few years as my priorities have shifted with having a growing family. This caused me to streamline my workouts. I’ve stopped playing recreational hockey, curling, soccer and softball. Most of my exercise tends to be on a fit in as time allows basis. Running ended up being the winner. As a couple added bonuses, running is very low cost (super nice for FI journey) and I can daydream about FI and blogging while I’m cruising the beautiful trails near my home.

But all this optimizing to a workout that fits my current lifestyle reared its ugly head.  Apparently, since I generally run straight with little lateral movements, I have weakened my hips. I was given an exercise band and a half dozen timed exercises to fix the problem. These exercises are all done from a seated position and the timing element means I don’t have to count reps. Mental free time!

On To Daily Rockstar Finance

I was already reading Rockstar Finance before this all happened, but I had to sneak in articles when my time allowed. Each day didn’t always present an opportunity to catch all the current day’s articles, but with this new exercise requirement, I found a solid platform to build a habit.

With my cup of coffee within arm’s reach, my timer set on my phone and exercise started, I navigate to the current day’s Today’s Feature to get my daily cup of FIRE. I enjoy this daily Rockstar Finance routine and find it refreshing. I get consistency with the routine and exercise, but variation in articles.

The diversity of voices and blogs is awesome. Generally, there are different perspectives on topics that I’ve thought about multiple times but not from the angle provided. The articles usually provide a boost in motivation for the day to keep going on the FIRE marathon.  

I don’t agree with everyone, but that isn’t the point. Consuming FIRE articles daily provides validation, questioning and/or new topics to think about throughout the day. It’s about growth.

What It Means

I simplified my exercising down to one element and ended up hurting myself. Diversity in exercise is important to work different muscle groups and not get hurt. You become more well-rounded.

Building habits that allow you to grow physically and mentally are important when sticking to a long-term goal, such as living a long and healthy life and, of course, reaching FI. In all the optimization recommended to reach FI and preparing for a happy future, don’t forget about living for today. It’s about being well-rounded and balanced.

It is easy to get tunnel focused on our goals and miss opportunities to reach FI faster or closer to what fits your lifestyle. Rockstar Finance provides many unique voices that will keep you questioning your perspective, an important element of personal growth. You are limiting yourself, if you constantly hear the same voice(s) or don’t allow yourself to have your ideals and beliefs questioned, .


I would urge, if you are just starting out on the path of FIRE, you should get a base understanding of the topic before going the diverse voice route. All the possible paths for FIRE can be overwhelming.

Build a solid base by finding an author, or a couple, that really speak to you. It is a lot easier to plow one path forward and once you pick up steam, change course slightly, than try to break trail down nine different paths and converge them later.  

Once you have your base built, go buck wild and consume everything in sight, FIRE related. A daily Rockstar Finance routine is a great place to grow.

Also, don’t by shy about stopping back for a Daily Cup of FIRE.

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