Helpful Stuff

Here are a few helpful tools and resources that I find useful. If it’s found here, I’ve tried it out and thought it worthy enough to share with you.

Helpful Money Management and Tracking

Mint – Where it started for me and it is FREE! I enjoy the simplicity of the user experience. The daily tracking and trending of expenses is awesome.  

Personal Capital – Also FREE! Slick interface for the investment minded. Super helpful for getting to review all investments in one place, as well as retirement projections.

I use both of these products. I view Mint as my tool to help with my daily operations and Personal Capital as my forecasting tool. 

Helpful Blogs

The only true over consumption I can recommend is financial independence knowledge. Consume, consume, consume. There’s more to it than just reading, of course. But here are some places I started and lean on regularly.

Chasing Fire – Chase lit the FIRE for me. Very passionate and thoughtful blog that get’s the point across without being longwinded.

Mr. Money Mustache – Where it started for me. Great place to get your mind right about FI.

Mad FIentist – Plethora of resources. I really like the tax avoidance and investment articles. The podcasts are filled with quite a few gems as well, so check them out. 

JL Collins – If you have an hesitation on investing in the stock market, go straight to the Stock Series. If you are confident in investing in the stock market, go straight to the Stock Series.

Rockstar Finance – My daily stop. Each weekday morning I grab a cup of coffee and head here to read a post from another perspective and usually learn something new.

Bluehost – If you ever get the urge to dial back your consumption of FIRE blogs and begin to create, start here. 

Not So Helpful Cable

Nothing to recommend, I don’t have cable. But I do like Netflix. Cutting cable has helped me get my butt off the couch.

Helpful Cell Phone Carrier

Republic Wireless – I switched from one of the big providers in the fall of 2017 and have been with Republic ever since. I pay $25 for unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data. Pretty sweet deal.